Adnavem is constantly undertaking research with supply chain professions about supply chain optimisation. Through automation of operational tasks and digitisation of information across the supply chain, decision-making is significantly enhanced. The following are the top benefits cited by customers across the globe as the most important benefits for decision making through Adnavem.


Eliminate intermediaries and reduce cost

The Adnavem platform bypasses middlemen in the supply chain and provides a digital interface between buyers, sellers, importers, exporters. This in turn allows organizations enhance efficiency through reduced administration.  

Improved on-time performance

Increase the on-time promises to your customers and reduce costs and use real-time data to make active decisions on planning, booking or goods in transit. 

Process-orientated Flexibility

Flexibility in a dynamic supply chain is necessary, and important to ensure agreed delivery targets. Adnavem promotes enhanced flexibility with multiple logistic suppliers. 

Proactive Pricing Models

The nature of transport pricing is constantly evolving. Many industries reliant on international shipping have moved to dynamic pricing to better reflect the global shipping supply and demand. The Adnavem platform promotes direct visibility on real costs, and promotes doing business directly with the actual party doing the job.    

Powerful Analytics

The Adnavem platform gathers data from all shipments and provides key data for continuous improvement and accurate decision-making.


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