The economics of supply chain efficiency  

A cost-effective logistical solution is often not the most ideal in real terms or total cost. Building a robust supply chain through enhanced performance visibility of the Adnavem platform allows for enhanced decision making and trade-offs.


Objectivity through transparency 

The Adnavem platform provides objectivity and transparency, thus ensuring neutrality. Transport buyers have the flexibility of working with the world’s best logistics providers, using one integrated process.


Combine the best of negotiated and market rates 

The nature of transport pricing is constantly evolving. Many industries reliant on international shipping have moved to dynamic pricing to better reflect the global shipping supply and demand. The Adnavem platform promotes direct visibility on real costs, and promotes doing business directly with the actual party doing the job. Also, negotiated rates and volume discounts with carriers can be incorporated into the platform.


Eliminate legacy intermediaries 

As an industry grounded in long-term traditions, the international shipping has multiple legacy actors and brokers providing a range of services and with high margins. Often, duplication in process is often the source of data-error and inflated pricing. Field research shows most dis-satisfaction for freight intermediaries are in terms of: 

  • On time order confirmation 

  • Alignment with pick-up and delivery matching  

  • Invoice accuracy    

  • Transparency of costs 

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