The logistics function is at the core of trading and product production. Effective delivery of goods and managed inventory is critical for customer satisfaction. When added together, total logistics represents a significant part of cost of goods sold. The Adnavem platform is designed with the benefits of digitisation and cost visibility in mind. It facilitates global trade and multi-country sourcing, with import-export markets across the globe.


Inbound logistics for Importers

Optimizing total inbound cost can be done in several dimensions and it is a result of a complex mix of purchase price, dimensions, lead-times, incoterms, supplier performance, transport cost and transport precision. The key benefits of Adnavem for importers:

  • Optimize buying terms with full control of landed cost

  • Flexible combinations through multiple solutions in the marketplace

  • Simplified standardised communication with parties in the supply chain

  • Elimination of duplication and data errors

  • Evaluate performance across key parts of the supply chain

  • Use of data to gain intelligence to manage risk

Outbound logistics for exporters

Exporters are seeking to optimize outbound logistics to drive sales and enhance customers satisfaction. Real time visibility in the supply chain allows exporters to:

  • Sell products with preferential freight rates, with exact knowledge of costs
  • Evaluate alternative supply routes service in terms of cost and lead-time
  • Measure service performance and sustainability
  • See the status of shipments in real time
  • Automate communication and status updates
  • Integrate with the sales order process
  • Capture all shipping documentation in digital format

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