The Adnavem platform provides multiple advantages across the supply chain for both buyers and sellers 

  • Choice - Book directly with all carriers and logistics suppliers.  

  • Transparency - Service level measurements and notifications. 

  • Full control – Customizable dashboards with real time tracking. 

  • Cost Savings – Reduce overhead and administration costs. 


Supply Chain Performance 

Inventory Cost 

  • Annual and operational cost  
  • Per kg or m3 
  • Per item or product group 


Service Delivery Metrics 

  • Confirmed on time 
  • Picked up on time 
  • Delivered on time 
  • Invoiced correctly 


Transparency and Neutrality  

The Adnavem platform provides the capability for powerful management information by collecting data from planning and operational processes. This measurement helps to address real time supply chain challenges and enhance network design.   


Core Value Proposition 

  • Visibility of shipments and inventory  
  • Lower cost through reduction of intermediaries 
  • Increased quality of service through direct access  
  • Flexibility using multiple logistics providers with the same platform 
  • Total transparency and control to optimise supply chain 
  • Less administration with the use of a fully automated and collaborative process 



Multiple benefits for multiple stakeholders 

The Adnavem platform provides important real time metrics that support continuous improvement across the business: 


Transport Buyers 

  • Finance - Lowering total supply chain cost through improved visibility and reduced inventory. 
  • Product Management – Enhanced visibility of landed cost and inventory 
  • Purchasing/Sales – Enhanced shipment and inventory visibility  
  • Logistics/Operations – Process-oriented methodology for all logistics providers enhances transparency and control 
  • Shipping - Direct booking and easy shipping process with multiple logistics providers 
  • Inbound Logistics - Delivery planning and proactive deviation support 
  • Procurement - Calculate the effect of changed incoterms  
  • CSR - Reduce your CO2 footprint and get advanced CO2 emission reporting 


Logistics provider benefits  

  • Direct access to transport buyers and cargo owners 
  • Effective sales channel to new customers 
  • Support for supply/demand driven pricing 
  • Efficient administration  

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