Adnavem is a logistics platform that effectively supports the whole supply chain. We unbundle and digitalize logistics for transport buyers and logistics providers. The concept of the Adnavem platform is to create a secure and sustainable supply chain with lower cost. The platform supports proactive decision making - with information capabilities enhanced through increased use.


The benefits of unbundling mean the ability to select the best solution for each part of the supply chain. Disintermediation means removing intermediaries (middlemen) in the process, allowing direct engagement with the parties actually doing the job. The process is seamless and fully automated, each party does their job once – when it should be done.


Benefits of unbundling and reduction of intermediaries 

  • The platform provides access to the best carriers and logistics providers. 

  • Full unbundling and reduction of middle-men enables you to tailor your favourite solution.  

  • Work with preferred suppliers.  

  • Combine the Adnavem platform offers with your own agreements.  

  • Pick and mix your portfolio to suit your business needs – in real time for customised shipments.  

  • Invite your preferred suppliers into the platform to create superior efficiency. 


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Real time visibility

  • Enhance visibility on shipment arrival and updates from key information sources.

  • Provide notifications directly to stakeholders and deviations.

  • Manage purchase orders for tracking of goods. 

  • Centralise documentation for all parties. 

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Digitalize outbound and inbound logistics 

  • Reduce administration in the shipping process through one system and process for all logistics providers.  

  • Review different options for a route and select services based on your preferences regarding costs, lead time, rating, review and CO2 emission.   

  • Enhance capability for pick-up and delivery planning. 


Collaborate across the supply chain 

The Adnavem platform is designed to share key performance information and supply chain metrics. 

The collaboration tool enables cross-functional information to be shared with: 

  • colleagues across the organisation 

  • factories and warehouses (owned or contracted) 

  • business partners (customers and suppliers)

  • logistics providers (carriers, trucking companies, clearance agents and forwarders)


This collaboration functionality can be connected with purchase order information. 

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Optimize supply chain design with Analytics 

  • Gain transparency of supply chain performance with a powerful analytics capability.  

  • Track delivery-performance on service delivery, destination and carrier performance. 

  • Extract performance information on reliability, delays, lead-time, volumes, cost and carbon emissions.  

  • Visualize, optimize and plan route performance.  

Integrate Adnavem with business processes 

  • Integrate Adnavem with open enterprise solutions or make a tailored solution. 

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