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Business growth through Adnavem 


Adnavem is a platform that connects logistics providers directly with buyers of transport services. It promotes opportunities to sell and quickly grow the business based on service, availability and price. In addition to the benefits of bypassing traditional brokerages, the core benefits being a part of the Adnavem ecosystem are:  

  • Immediate access to international transport buyers  

  • Increased sales through network referrals  

  • Tools that help optimize pricing  

  • Ability to incorporate volume agreements  

  • No constraints on growth 

  • Low investment to get started



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Stand out from your competitors  


The Adnavem platform allows suppliers to operate freely in the market, and offer services and pricing in real time to all or a selection of customers. Planning, booking, tracking, handling shipments is made directly on the platform - or through real time data exchange. Transport buyers are able to choose logistics partners based on a multiple criteria. 

  • Pricing 

  • Service level 

  • Lead time  

  • On time delivery 

  • Customer feedback 

  • Carbon emissions


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Value-based pricing Strategy 


Carriers and logistics providers are given a tailored pricing framework aligned with their pricing strategy:


Value-based pricing strategy



Benefits of disintermediation 


Increasingly, logistics suppliers are preferring to work directly with their end customer.  Intermediaries involved in brokering transport solutions may be motivated by different financial drivers. This may mean a loss of focus on the most ideal solution in both cost and service. 

The key benefits of Adnavem compared with conventional arrangements:

  • Instant and direct communication. Working directly with customers increases the speed of communication and service performance. 

  • Transparency and control. Accurate information is provided directly with the relevant parties. Time sensitive information about pricing and additional services is captured. 


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