Rolf Kjällgren

Co-founder & Chairman, Gothenburg

  "I see global logistics as a huge market for digitalization and I am eager to be a part of driving that change. Key ingredients to be successful I believe are focus, dedication, endurance and hard work. I am convinced that the we in the Adnavem team has what it takes".

About Rolf

I have a long international experience from business management. I have worked in global companies like ABB and Gunnebo Security Group. In ABB, I have been driving global logistics and supply chain, including the role as global Vice President for the ABB Group. 

In Gunnebo I had several responsibilities including Group logistics, Group purchasing, Group quality, Group sustainability, operations (factories) and overall responsibility for one of the business units (safes & vaults).

Through the years I have gathered lots of experience in global leadership and global supply-chain. It is for me very exciting to bring my experience and skills to a start-up in logistics now about to scale. This includes understanding the business requirements as well as the challenges involved in building a global business. 


Professional Experience  

  • Gunnebo Security Group Senior Vice President Safes & Vaults
  • Gunnebo Security Group Senior Vice President Quality, Environment, Logistics & Procurement
  • AF Group Vice President Procurement & Risk Management
  • ABB Group Vice President Global logistics & supply chain


  • Degree of Executive MBA
  • Degree of Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management

Expert In

  • Global Business Management
  • Leadership
  • Global Supply-chain