Linda Gårdlöv

CMO - Gothenburg

"Peoples behaviour have changed along with their expectations. I believe that companies need to adapt and think and look more from an outside perspective.The customer experience is a key driver for successful business. I am passionate about working in the B2B business sphere and I am convinced that accessibility and customer focus are differentiators for any business."

About Linda

In different roles over the years, I have been driving initiatives within all areas of Marketing and Communication, including digital/online. The world is more connected than ever and I find it very exciting to work with change management, where "online" is put in the centre.

I always bring a lot of passion into my work and am often seen as the positive force in the teams I work in. Leadership and the psychology behind it interest me and I believe a strong/modern and holistic leadership style is a success factor for any team.

I have been building effective teams and driven many global projects for the companies that I have worked for.  

With a background in journalism and as the editor for large corporations customer magazines, I have had the opportunity to meet and interact with customers from all over the world. Something I truly have enjoyed.

Curiosa; In 2001/2002 I was heavily involved in the Irish release of Lord of the Rings; managing all PR & marketing activities as well as the red carpet premiere screening with cast and media representatives present.                                                    

Professional Experience 

  1. Mölnlycke Healthcare Global Digital Marketing & Development Manager
  2. Scan Global Logistics Global Marketing & Communications Manager
  3. Gunnebo Security Group Global Online Manager
  4. Head of PR & Marketing Abbey Films, Ireland

Expert In

  • Journalism
  • Digital Marketing
  • Inbound 
  • Communication
  • Leadership