Adnavem is committed to sustainable supply chain options, and brings visibility to the most environmentally friendly transportation options. This initiative promotes awareness across the Adnavem ecosystem, and encourages all stakeholders to actively look at opportunities for reduce their carbon footprint. 


The methods used to calculate the greenest options and a clear ranking of transport options from the least environmentally friendly to the most. The calculations are based on ocean vessels activity derived from GPS positioning, route, cargo mass and speed. 


Sources of data 


The activity-based approach used by Adnavem calculates all available transport options for a shipment. Several key data sources are used to calculate carbon dioxide emissions:  

  • For Sea Freight. Vessel-specific data on emissions includes monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide emissions for maritime transport.    

  • For Land Transport. Google Maps is used to measure mileage and distance travelled.  

loading ship

Adnavem promotes conscious choice based on: 

  • Environmental impact 

  • Leadtime  

  • Service 

  • Cost

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