Step 1 

Register an account 

You need to register an account to make your first shipment. Simply enter e-mail address, mobile phone number and your company’s VAT number/business details. It is free to register an account to start browsing for options.  

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Step 2 

Find best-suited freight services 

On the platform search for the best door-door alternative for your current needs. Filter your results by price, transit time or greenest. Search for your optimal combinations. 


Step 3 

Book your shipment 

Choose your preferred shipping alternative. As soon as the main carrier has confirmed your shipment proposal, it will turn into an active booking.  


--> It's this easy to go digital with your logistics! 


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Step 4 

Real-time visibility and notifications 

Stay proactive through real-time tracking on current shipments and reliable ETAs. Create a superior customer experience for your customers through automatic notifications.  


Step 5 

Control your freight invoices 

The Adnavem platform allows control over freight invoices against the booked prices. Adnavem provides the option to receive consolidated costs as a single invoice, saving verification of costs. This transparency provides further digitization benefits in the back office. 


Step 6 

Analyze and improve your supply chain 

The Adnavem platform provides advanced metrics that allow users to create meaningful management information relevant to their business. Using Adnavem as a “Control Tower” - data from shipments allow monitoring of carrier performance, volumes, cost, CO2 emissions and much more. 


Step 7 

Add features, functionalities and trade-lanes 

Continue to improve the supply chain through enhanced integration of Adnavem data into your processes. Further customization allows negotiated agreements or ensure full visibility on item level with advanced order management.  

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