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Connect directly with buyers. The marketplace allows you to compete with reliable service, availability and price.

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Make money

Find new customers and revenue streams

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Work with transport buyers without intermediaries - Better service for your customers  

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Save time 

Sell more efficiently and get more bookings

What is Adnavem? 


Adnavem is a marketplace that connects you directly with buyers of transport services and gives you the opportunity to compete with good service, availability and rates. As a connected logistics supplier, you get: 


  • Access to current demand from transport buyers 

  • Tools that help you optimize your rates 

  • Possible to include NAC agreements 


We offer an additional sales channel for you as a logistics supplier to sell your services and value-added services directly to end customers (BCO - Beneficial Cargo Owner) 

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Importers and transport buyers can choose services based on the following parameters:

  • Customer rating - average rating based on cumulative customer feedback 

  • Service level

  • Lead time - On time delivery (OTD)

  • CO2 emissions 

  • Rates


Logistics suppliers are responsible for:

  • Delivery precision

  • Customer experience

  • Invoice accuracy

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