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To skip a step to get more efficiency comes naturally for furniture manufacturer David Jarl, CEO at Lotus Furniture. 

”To move from using freight forwarders to a solution such as the one Adnavem offers was a natural step for us. With the help of a marketplace we get straight access to net prices and can choose different suppliers through out the supply chain. We save both a lot of energy and time not having to negotiate with different freight forwarders, says David Jarl."

David-Jarl, CEO at Lotus Furniture, joins Adnavem marketplace and eliminates freight forwarders

David Jarl founded Lotus Furniture eight years ago and has since then worked hard to create simplicity for customers. The business idea is to deliver quality furniture directly from warehousing. He believes that all companies should be able to afford high-quality furniture that is both stylish and functional.

"Our focus is quality, that and relationships with people is what drives me," says David Jarl, CEO of Lotus Furniture.

The company's idea of simplicity is about not adding too many costly layers to the business. For example, when developing new products, the most efficient way is to do that directly with the factory. This rhymes very well with Adnavem's business concept, which is based on connecting the transport buyer directly with relevant logistics suppliers without any middlemen.

More time for customers

In Småland County in Sweden, there is a strong tradition of furniture manufacturing and the local connection is very important to David and Lotus Furniture. A large part of the furniture components is manufactured in Småland, such as wooden boards, undercarriage and furniture upholstery is largely performed here.

 “It is actually easier and more efficient to book the transport through a marketplace. There is no downside having the prices in front of you or having direct contact with the suppliers or to be able track my products though out the whole transport chain, says David Jarl."



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