Open positions

We are constantly looking for new talents. Below you can find our open positions right now but feel free to send us your CV if you think that Adnavem is the right workplace for you.

Inbound Sales

We are always looking for extra ordinary talents to join our teams across the globe. We don´t have any open positions in sales at the moment but if you have experience from inbound sales & data-driven sales methodologies you can send us your CV for future opportunities. 

Inbound Marketing

If you want to work with inbound sales and marketing in a growing company Adnavem might be the right place for you. We believe in relevant content. We believe in data-driven marketing. We are not hiring at the moment but please send us your CV for future opportunities.

Send us your CV

Are you a talented leader within logistics with ambitions to be part of the digital transformation of the industry. We might not have the perfect role for you right now but we are growing so please send us your CV for future opportunities.

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Let us show you the magic of Adnavem. A place where you can browse for the best transport solutions, routes and prices - in your own time and based on your needs. Feel what it is like to have full control of your container freight.

Currently, we only support tradelanes between Asia & Northern Europe, but please contact us if you are interested in other shipment locations. We are a tech-company and wants to grow with you.