We offer a brand new service which enables transport buyers to search for and book the Greenest Option for their inter-modal container freight. This new tool provides an immediate overview of the most sustainable routes and modes of transport. 

The methods used to calculate the greenest options gives a clear ranking of upcoming transport services, from the least environmentally friendly to the most. The calculations are based on individual vessels' previous activity such as i.e. GPS positioning, route, cargo mass and speed.

Adnavem covers the entire chain, door-door including the combination of country-specific factors for combinations of both land and rail transport. The purpose is to give the transport buyer an opportunity to choose the alternative that has a history of having the least impact on the environment, but that will also give the transport buyer the expected level of service and delivery.

Several sources for data

The activity-based approach used by Adnavem calculates all available transport options for a shipment. Several key data sources are used to calculate carbon dioxide emissions: 

For Sea Freight

We collect vessel-specific data on emissions from THETIS-MRV (EU, n.d.), which is from Article 21 of EU Regulation 2015/757 * and includes monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide emissions for maritime transport. We link the collected data with the vessel's previous routes (AIS data) when calculating forecast port calls. The distance between each port call is retrieved via Searoutes **, a professional tool for offshore route planning. 

For Land Transport

Google Maps is used to measure mileage and to measure the distance traveled by rail, the train operators' own distance tables are used. For rail transport, we make a difference between electricity and diesel locomotives and the energy mix used per country.

ECTA's recommended factors are used where there is no market data. Empty transport is included in the calculations.

* https://mrv.emsa.europa.eu/#public/eumrv, **www.searoutes.com

loading ship

Conscious choices based on:

  • Environmental impact

  • Leadtime 

  • Service

  • Cost

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