There are many ways to divide their transport chain;
port-to-door, port-to-port or door-to-port. Free on board (FOB) is one of the most important Incoterm to know if you are importing from abroad.

FOB is a port-to-door transport where the supplier in the exporting country is responsible for all local costs. FOB is the term of delivery that is most used among Swedish transport buyers for imports from Asia.

A disadvantage when buying FOB may be that you do not have full insight. It´s difficult to get full control over the costs that are imposed on the product price in order to cover the costs of transport to the port and the customs clearance, etc. The FOB Incoterm can only be used for sea freight.

How do I book parts of a chain on Adnavem?

It is easy to book transport on Adnavem, as soon as you have a date when your goods are ready to be loaded, you can make choices along with your term of delivery.

At FOB you exclude the local charges on origin from the booking. The only thing that cannot be set as optional is the costs related to the sea freight such as Origin THC, which follow the choice of the carrier.

Every supplier goes through a rigorous vetting process before being added to the marketplace. This control is kept alive and judged on the companies' financial status and performance.

When booking on Adnavem
  • You get full transparency.
  • You choose the suppliers that suit you in your transport chain.
  • You know who manages your goods and when. You can easily see what you pay and to whom.
  • You get full control.
  • You can easily see when your containers leave or come to port.
  • You can optimize your transport chain over time with the help of the data and knowledge you collect.
  • You pay less as you do not need any intermediaries, you do not pay for someone else to administer your transport. You simply pay directly to the parties who actually handle your goods.


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