Tom Nilsson

COO & Partner Icebug

”The fact that we can easily change parts of the chain without changing our process gives us security and control for the future. One example is that when our supplier in Asia say they are a week late, we can instantly see and amend the transport routing to ensure we meet customer requirements.”

Icebug is a Swedish shoe company founded in Gothenburg in 2001. They challenge leading global shoe companies with new innovative grip technologies that make it possible for people get moving and enjoy the outdoors, no matter the conditions.

The company has increased its turnover by approximately 30 % seven years in a row, thus dominating the genre ”shoes with good grip” on shelves in stores. Icebug design and develop their products in Gothenburg and manufacture in Asia. Through a stable import flow, they ensure that the season’s shoe lands in the shop at the right time.

"By taking back control of our shipments, we work directly with the main players and suppliers in Asia that creates direct value in the process. It is in Asia that we allow for a high filling degree in our containers and where we ensure that our goods are loaded correctly. Therefore, we want to work with the best suppliers in the industry and Adnavem help us with that,” says Tom Nilsson, COO at Icebug.

”The ability to easily customize the correct solution for each shipment while being constantly in full control of every step is why we have chosen Adnavem. At the same time, we save money and, on our dashboard, we can always see all incoming containers  –  in real time. Importing from Asia becomes more efficient using the Adnavem Marketplace”.

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