Blank Sailings (skipping port or cancelling entire sailing) can be an unpleasant surprise, but usually it's a natural consequence of the market. If you have the possibility to plan ahead you can work around blank sailing periods.

Cancelled departures can occur for many reasons but mostly it is due to low demand. When Golden Week and Chinese New Year is getting closer export from the country will increase and so will the freight rates. Once the holidays are in full swing the Chinese factories will be closed, the volume of export will go down, and carriers will either cancel some ports or an entire string. 

If you import from China and have the possibility to plan there is a bigger chance of avoiding unpleasant surprises such as extra costs and delays. If you have several options when planning and booking your transport, it is easier to make choices between price, transit times and availability. 

  •  Create an account on Adnavem and get updated sailing schedules with availability, price and lead time
  • If you follow the market prices, you ensure that the goods are included as the shipping companies prioritize poorly paid cargo.
  • Design your own transport chain and follow your goods on your dashboard with notifications all the way.

If you want to know more contact us at Adnavem or visit the marketplace.


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