China is the top exporter in the world, so there is no surprise that eight of the busiest container ports in the world are in China. They are up there in the top 20 with ports in countries like Singapore, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Belgium, Taiwan, USA, Germany and Thailand. 

In 2017, Shanghai port, being the busiest port in the world, transported through 40,2 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). This can be compared to the busiest container port in the USA, Los Angeles where 9,3 million TEUs were transported through. The Los Angeles port is the 17th busiest in the world. In 2010 Port of Shanghai overtook Port of Singapore to become the world's busiest container port. 

Shipping is responsible for 90 percent of the world trade and considering that China is a major influencer of the world´s commercial trade sea freight movements. 

Facts about the eight busiest ports in China
In order, starting with the busiest. 

  1. Port of Shanghai
    Includes: Yangshan Deep Water Port & Waigaoqiao Shipping Terminals

    Port of Shanghai is comprised of the gigantic Yangshan Deep-Water port - which is on an island connected to the Mainland by a 32 kilometres sea bridge - and a series of ports at the mouths of the Yangtze and Huangpu rivers.
    Shanghai International Port Company Limited is a public listed company, of which the Shanghai Municipal Government owns 44.23 percent of the outstanding shares.
  2.  Port of Shenzhen
    The Port of Shenzhen is a collective name of several ports along parts of the coastline of Shenzhen and includes Yantian Port, Chiwan Port, Dachan Bay Port, Shekou Port.

    The port of Shenzhen is home to 39 shipping companies who have launched 131 international container routes. These ports form one of the busiest and fastest growing container ports in the world.
  3.  Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan
    Includes: Beilun Port & Zhenhai Port

    The port is in Ningbo and Zhoushan, on the coast of the East China Sea, in Zhejiang province south of Hangzhou Bay.  In terms of cargo tonnage, the port of Ningbo-Zhoushan is the busiest port in the world. In 2015 it handled 888.96 million tons cargoes and keep ranking first the cargo ports around the world.
  4. Port of Guangzhou
    Includes: Nansha Terminal, Xinsha Port Area, Huangpu Port Area, Downtown Port Area

    Port of Guangzhou is the main seaport of Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, China. It´s located approximately 150 kilometres northwest of Hong Kong. Guangzhou isn't considered to be a coastal city. As the biggest comprehensive hub port in South China, Port of Guangzhou is experiencing an increase in cargo volume and ships calling in. This is due to the buoyant economic activity in Guangzhou and the surrounding hinterland. The port also serves as the important economic and transport centre for the Pearl River Delta region and Guangdong province.
  5. Port of Qingdao
    Includes: Dagang Port Area & Qianwan Container Terminal

    Qingdao port consists of four areas - Dagang port area, Qianwan port area, Huangdong oil port area (for oil tankers) and Dongjiakou port area, the latter being located 40 kilometres south of Qingdao city.
  6. Port of Tianjin
    Includes: North Port, South Port & East Port

    Formerly known as the Port of Tanggu, port of Tianjin is the largest port in Northern China and the main maritime gateway to Beijing, located just 150km southeast of the city. Tianjin is one of China's four municipalities alongside Shanghai, Chongqing and Beijing itself. It is the largest man-made port in mainland China.
  7. Port of Xiamen
    Includes: Haicang Port Area & Dongdu Port Area

    Located in Fujian province, the city of Xiamen is a major port which handles a lot of the trade between Mainland China and nearby Taiwan. Xiamen is a well-developed first-class port. Dongdu harbour is located on Haicang district which is on the mainland. The coastline in the harbour area stretches for 30 kilometres.

    The world's top 20 shipping companies have all established major shipping routes and operations in Xiamen. A total of 68 shipping routes serve over 50 countries to almost all the major ports in the world, yielding an average 469 ship calls at the port each month.
  8. Port of Dalian
    Includes: Dayaowan Port

    The Port of Dalian founded in 1899 lies at the southern tip of Liaodong Peninsula in Liaoning province and is the most northern ice-free port in China. It has established trading and shipping links with more than 300 ports in 160 countries and regions of the world. There are 68 international and domestic container shipping routes.
All eight ports are located over a long section of China's east coast stretching from Shenzhen in the South to Dalian in the North. Seven out of eight ports are in coastal cities, whilst the Port of Guangzhou is further inland at the confluence of three major rivers.

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