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December 21, 2020

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In only a few days we can put 2020 behind us. Although it has been a tough year in many ways, we still want to look back at some of the highlights in transport & logistics with a focus on digitization.

The pandemic challenged us and provided new opportunities

We all got a bit of panic this spring when suddenly we were not allowed to be on the field and meet our customers, partners, and prospects. At Adnavem we were quick to realize that we are a tech company, and our product and services are always available. Video conferencing and online meetings work just as well, maybe even more efficiently. We thus had time to meet even more importers when we skipped travel time to work and between external meetings.


More customers and new colleagues

You were many importers & transport buyers who were curious about new technology and to learn more about working more efficiently and gain more control over your logistics needs. To help you, we expanded our teams during the year with two more salespeople and a digital marketer in Sweden, six developers in Singapore and new colleagues in China.

Adnavem-Group-Technology-SingaporeIn the picture, you see parts of our tech team in Singapore.


The new digital tools gave many importers more control

With Adnavem, processes are automated, and each party in the transport chain does the job once. The process can, for example, be triggered by a buyer sending a purchase order. Importers get control, and the logistics departments get access to an entirely new digital toolbox and relevant data to support better logistics and purchasing decisions.


Increased control provided a degree of security when prices skyrocketed

During the last quarter, prices for sea freight rose to levels we have not seen in decades. At Adnavem, we help many customers to use data and o find and calculate alternatives, as their contract prices no longer apply. No one knows what the price development for container freight will be in 2021, except that it will be unstable.


Next year we will be even more people on further markets digitizing with more importers

Many people and companies are curious about the transformation that is currently taking place in transport and logistics. During the year, we brought in new investors (Volvo AB, among others) and the new capital gives us the muscles we need to grow and enter new markets. More sharp brains will join Adnavem next year, and new markets will be conquered in Europe and Asia.

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Linda Gårdlöv
Linda Gårdlöv
Co-founder and CCO at Adnavem

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