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We answer your questions about using Adnavem

If you work with transport solutions across borders you are most likely aware about the fact that the transport business hasn’t really evolved that much. Going back 20 years and you would probably be buying transportation the same way. It's like the era of digitization forgot about this business, until now. 

Finally great players see the possibilities using digitalization - Adnavem is one of them. It might feel a bit tricky to change the way you buy transport solutions but when using a marketplace like Adnavem it gives you plenty of advantages and possibilities that goes beyond that first time getting started.

That said, we want it to be a smooth start for you, and so we collected the most frequent questions we get when meeting new customers.  


What do I gain from having direct contact with carrier/haulier/customs agent instead of using one party taking care of the communication for me? Who bears the responsibility when deviations occurs?  


If you book with Adnavem you erase middle hands and therefore any unnecessary loss of time and information. See it as not going to the travel agency when it’s time to book your next vacation. Instead you go online and have direct contact with the party responsible for your gods at a specific step in the transport chain. 


What happens if there is a port strike, lack of space on a vessel or any other big issue that affects my cargo?


A freight forwarders main job is, just like Adnavem, to give you great service.

It’s not uncommon for a freight forwarder to have one dedicated contact person with each supplier. So if there is an issue, your freight forwarder contacts his or her contact person whom most likely contacts his or hers co-worker based in the country where the issue occurred whom tries to get a hold on right person responsible for the cargo at that time. 

Using Adnavem you have direct contact with the parties responsible for moving your cargo at each step. They will give you

  • faster solutions to make sure your cargo will be on its way as planned
  • faster and more efficient communication. The risk of all your concerns being lost in translation when several people are involved just to deliver your concerns to the right person is about zero when being in direct contact with the right people in the first place.


wonderingIsn’t it true that since freight forwarders have greater volumes with the carriers they are also prioritized by the carriers which would benefit us?



A freight forwarder doesn’t control the transport chain. They cannot stop your cargo from being rolled in a transshipment port. They cannot affect the weather or change the fact that the trucker doesn’t show up. What they can do is to collect that information, give it to you and try to come up with a solution.


When should I use Adnavem?

For standard transportation or special solutions?


Adnavem is, at this stage, best suited for standard, fairly simple shipments between Asia and Scandinavia, where you simply can't motivate why you pay for administration when you have all the information needed to book a transport yourself. Common objection is that you don't have the time. But let us ask you this - how much time do you put into email conversations and phone calls with the people handling the transportation for you?

A freight forwarder is a great option when you are dealing with project shipments for example.


Does Adnavem have enough resources to help me with my entire transportation?


For your standardized transportation - absolutely! 


What about invoices – will I get an invoice from each supplier? 


As of now - yes. It's not ideal for everyone and we are working on different solutions for companies requesting one invoice covering all expenses. 

Receiving one invoice from each supplier gives you a specification of what you have ordered and a greater control of what you actually pay for.


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