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Fast growing tech start-up in a traditional industry

A year ago, the very first shipment was booked through Adnavem – a ground breaking digital marketplace for global container freight. The cargo safely arrived at Gothenburg Port at the beginning of May, and a new business model was technically validated.  So why is this so ground breaking?  Can a tech company really succeed in the traditional transport and logistics industry?

Expect blank sailings after the Chinese New Year

 Let's be prepared for blank sailings The Chinese New Year has come to an end but that doesn’t mean the transport in and out of China is back to its full capacity. In fact, you should expect it to be a bit rocky for the next few weeks.

Close relationships - a winning concept

One of the first suppliers adding their services to the Adnavem Marketplace was Longsail in Shanghai. They offer transportation services across China as well as export and document handling services. At Longsail they believe in how Adnavem approaches the market and have high hopes of receiving new business via the marketplace.

Icebug streamlines import using the Adnavem Marketplace


Entering the Norwegian market

In May the first Adnavem shipments arrived at its destination in Sweden and the marketplace was validated and ready for next phase.  In July Adnavem took on a new market when Norway was added as a destination due to customer demand. Last week the first container arrived at its destination Norway.

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