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Is the era of "package deals" over?

As a transport buyer it is important to feel safe and to have full transparency in your supply chain. Today, purchasing transport solutions usually equals using a freight forwarder and it’s not uncommon that there are many suppliers between you as an importer or exporter and the actual carriers of your cargo. 

Adnavem part of the 1st International Shipping Technology and Internet conference in China

Adnavem visits innovative conference in Shenzhen  Last week the very first International Shipping Technology Conference took place in beautiful Shenzhen, China. Keywords for the conference were Technology, Innovation and Transform. Andreas Wramsmyr CEO of Adnavem was present in China to discuss the future of transportation together with other innovative tech companies. 

Adnavem allows the transport buyer to bring back the control

To skip a step to get more efficiency comes naturally for furniture manufacturer David Jarl, CEO at Lotus Furniture.  David Jarl, CEO at Lotus Furniture, believes in effective supply chains where unnecessary steps are eliminated. When the company decided to look over their transport solutions to increase the efficiency and regain control it was an easy choice to book through Adnavems marketplace.

Close relationships - a winning concept

One of the first suppliers adding their services to the Adnavem Marketplace was Longsail in Shanghai. They offer transportation services across China as well as export and document handling services. At Longsail they believe in how Adnavem approaches the market and have high hopes of receiving new business via the marketplace.

Icebug streamlines import using the Adnavem Marketplace


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