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Importers save time and money

Based on our steady growth in the last five months, we conclude that many companies are looking to become more digitized when purchasing transport. They have acknowledged that it saves them both time and money. 

With new technology, it´s easy to browse and find the best-suited ports, the best logistics suppliers and get price proposals as well as go through with the actual booking online.

"We know that change takes time. Not long ago, many of us were uncomfortable booking our personal travels online and putting down payment without any personal contact. It is exactly the same uncertainty we can see in our industry. Some transport buyers feel concerned about managing their logistics suppliers and booking process online. Due to the technology available today, there is definitely no need to be concerned, " says Andreas Wramsmyr, Founder and CEO of Adnavem.

More and more buyers see the value

"We have great ambitions for Adnavem and the goal is a global presence. At present, our focus is on freight between Asia and the Nordic countries. On average, our customers save between 10 and 20% on their transport costs as well as countless hours of administration, ”says Andreas LinkedinWorking with Adnavem marketplace will change the transport buyers way of working as well as the logistics suppliers.

“It is clear that today's transport buyers are curious, ready for change and that they see profit in having direct contact with the logistics suppliers. In just a few months, we have tripled our customer base and many more are coming in. At the same time logistics suppliers from all over the world  show great interest in joining the marketplace”, says Andreas Wramsmyr.

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