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Is the era of "package deals" over?

As a transport buyer it is important to feel safe and to have full transparency in your supply chain. Today, purchasing transport solutions usually equals using a freight forwarder and it’s not uncommon that there are many suppliers between you as an importer or exporter and the actual carriers of your cargo. 

digitalizePerhaps you experience your setup as a smooth way of working, but what is it that you really pay for and who handles the goods throughout the chain?

Often, as a transport buyer, you accept a "package deal" from a freight forwarder. Let's face it, it's an easy way of dealing with the transport, but it might not be so easy if something isn't working the way you expect it to. We might even use the word difficult when it comes to replacing parts of the chain in order to optimize and streamline. 

Let’s bring back the control

Even if you are satisfied with your setup or not, we all know that reviewing and comparing logistics suppliers can become a complicated process where you lose precious time sitting in long negotiations. It may also be scary to take the step and regain control when a third party has been running it for so long.

But as the industry becomes more is digitized, you will become more aware of the different conditions, gain greater transparency and require more modern ways of handling and purchasing your transport solutions. You will regain control and the flexibility it entails. So why not start straight away?

A natural choice for Lotus Furniture

Lotus Furniture is one of the companies that has chosen Adnavem to get better control and more transparency throughout the transport chain. The company's idea is to eliminate any unnecessary steps to increase efficiency and to be able to deliver high quality furniture at a good price. For David Jarl, founder of Lotus Furniture, Adnavem was an obviously choice when overlooking the transport solutions.


”To move from using forwarders to a solution such as the one Adnavem offers was a natural step for us. With the help of a marketplace we get straight access to net prices and can choose different suppliers through out the supply chain. We save both a lot of energy and time not having to negotiate with different forwarders", says David Jarl.



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