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October 22, 2018

Icebug streamlines import using the Adnavem Marketplace



Icebug streamlines import using the Adnavem Marketplace

Digitization enables full transparency in the transport chain, and it is something that the Swedish shoe company Icebug takes advantage of.

The shoe company designs and develops its products in Gothenburg but has its manufacturing in Asia. Through a stable import flow, they ensure that the season's shoe land in the shop at the right time.Tom-Nilsson-action-IceBug

"It is important for us that the goods arrive clean, in time and that we are paying the price agreed. All of these factors can easily be checked and controlled in the Adnavem Marketplace, "says Tom Nilsson COO and Partner at Icebug.

There is an expectation from a transport buyer like Icebug that their logistics partner is proactive and comes with new better solutions that shorten lead times and reduce costs.

"When using the Adnavem Marketplace, we see all available options for our transportation, which makes it easier for us to optimize the fill rate and also use routes and services that totally minimize our impact on the environment," says Tom Nilsson.

One of the reasons why Icebug chooses to skip middlemen and take control of their transports is the importance of working directly with those players who create value in the process. In Asia and Sweden. As a transport buyer, you want to be able to influence the filling degree as well as ensuring that the goods are loaded correctly.

"In the Adnavem Marketplace, we instantly see the price as well as having access to customer reviews which means it is easy to make the right choices. We can tailor the best solution for us and get access to dashboards with own data as well as industry trends across the globe. We'll see exactly where our containers are in real time and we'll quickly get information about disturbances or deviations, which allows us to redirect delivery to our customers if needed, "says Tom Nilsson.

"We are growing and developing together with our customers and suppliers, and we are very happy to help Icebug to streamline its work around its transports," says Andreas Wramsmyr, CEO at Adnavem.




Linda Gårdlöv
Linda Gårdlöv
Co-founder and CCO at Adnavem

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