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Prepare your supply-chain for unpredictable situations

Right now we are experiencing a domino effect in the shipping industry, caused by actions directly linked to efforts trying to contain the spread of the Corona-virus in China. Factories are closed and containers are stacking up in ports due to cancelled sailings.

We have gathered some tips for you on how to think in unpredictable situations:

Paying the the right price

By using a platform where you get access to relevant data on sailing schedules, service providers and transport options you get the accurate market price for your specific shipments immediately. 

In a situation where several shipping companies announces "Blank Sailing" during the same period and large volumes of cargo are ready to be shipped, the result is lack of space and increased rates. Having a  price agreement with a freight forwarder extending over a longer time period might mean the issue of having a price that is just "too good", and your cargo will be rolled first.

Having a close dialogue with your suppliers

If the situation is affecting labor in factories, suppliers might lack behind in production and will prioritize their customers. Therefore keep a close dialogue and increase your chances of being prioritized.

Having good anticipation & be flexibility

What is most critical to you and your company? Review transport options and discover other ports, suppliers and modes for your gods. Can you divide deliveries?

major port with container stacking

Prepare your supply-chain for unpredictable situations by using real data

  • Instant access to relevant pricing and specific delivery needs based on time, location and mode of transport.
  • Follow price index and schedule shipments when it is of most advantageous.
  • Get suggestions on alternative ports and transport routes.
  • Get the most sustainable transport routes ranked for greener transport.
  • Direct contact with the best suited logistics providers for your needs as well as access to a communication platform that streamlines and simplifies the process.
  • Pay directly to suppliers and get pricing information from intermediaries.

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