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Adnavem allows the transport buyer to bring back the control

To skip a step to get more efficiency comes naturally for furniture manufacturer David Jarl, CEO at Lotus Furniture. 

David Jarl, CEO at Lotus Furniture, believes in effective supply chains where unnecessary steps are eliminated. When the company decided to look over their transport solutions to increase the efficiency and regain control it was an easy choice to book through Adnavems marketplace.

”To move from using forwarders to a solution such as the one Adnavem offers was a natural step for us. With the help of a marketplace we get straight access to net prices and can choose different suppliers through out the supply chain. We save both a lot of energy and time not having to negotiate with different forwarders, says David Jarl."

A unique product

In a previous press release Adnavem announced that they closed 10msek in the second investment round. This will help Adnavem to develop the marketplace, focus on selling and expand in both Europe and Asia.

”To put the transport buyer in focus is unique for this business. When others look at selling a package deal, only to benefit the middle hands, we want to break up the costs to enable the transport buyer to plan and buy their transport solutions based on best services and prices, Andreas Wramsmyr, CEO at Adnavem, says.”

To change an entire industry 

”It is actually easier and more efficient to book the transport through a marketplace. There is no downside having the prices in front of you or having direct contact with the suppliers or to be able track my products though out the whole transport chain. Well, it might be the fact that we are missing out on a close relationship. However, that only gives me more time to build strong relationships with my clients, David says.”


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