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A bright  future for transport buyers

The sun finally did its job in Gothenburg and the port had never looked so beautiful. That specific day in May last year truly was a day to remember, especially for the newly started tech company based in the city.

When the cargo was lifted off the container ship it was the first time a shipment was transported around the world, all handled though Adnavem Marketplace. It sure was a great day for the Adnavem team but an even greater day for all transport buyers. Finally a digital marketplace for container shipping had been validated.  

A year has gone by, the sun is back and we are in the middle of a bright future.  

Maersk ship at dockA need for transparency and control

Adnavems first ever shipment belongs to Icebug, a shoe company based in Gothenburg, that challenges the global shoe giants by producing shoes with an innovative grip technology. Today, Icebug handles all the import through Adnavem meaning the entire transport chain is digitalized.

– The fact that we can change any part of the transport chain without interfering with our jobs in general gives us a sense of calm and control. Plus it saves us money and we can use the dashboard to get real time information about the arrival of our containers, says Tom Nilsson, Operational Manager at Icebug. 

An important milestone

Adnavem is on an amazing journey and keeps welcoming new clients and suppliers to the Marketplace.

Andreas Wramsmyr CEO – Last year was an important milestone with the arrival of our first ever shipment. Now is when the hard work really starts! With our disruptive marketplace we need to, not only change the way we look at transportation, but to change traditional behaviours. It takes time but it is with no doubt that today’s transport buyers are curious and ready for change, says Andreas Wramsmyr, Founder and CEO, Adnavem.

As a user of the marketplace you get full control and can choose which suppliers you want for your cargo at every stage of the transport chain.

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