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Annica Lövstad

Annica Lövstad

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A bright  future for transport buyers

The sun finally did its job in Gothenburg and the port had never looked so beautiful. That specific day in May last year truly was a day to remember, especially for the newly started tech company based in the city.

Fast growing tech start-up in a traditional industry

A year ago, the very first shipment was booked through Adnavem – a ground breaking digital marketplace for global container freight. The cargo safely arrived at Gothenburg Port at the beginning of May, and a new business model was technically validated.  So why is this so ground breaking?  Can a tech company really succeed in the traditional transport and logistics industry?

We answer your questions about using Adnavem

If you work with transport solutions across borders you are most likely aware about the fact that the transport business hasn’t really evolved that much. Going back 20 years and you would probably be buying transportation the same way. It's like the era of digitization forgot about this business, until now. 

Is the era of "package deals" over?

As a transport buyer it is important to feel safe and to have full transparency in your supply chain. Today, purchasing transport solutions usually equals using a freight forwarder and it’s not uncommon that there are many suppliers between you as an importer or exporter and the actual carriers of your cargo. 

Adnavem allows the transport buyer to bring back the control

To skip a step to get more efficiency comes naturally for furniture manufacturer David Jarl, CEO at Lotus Furniture.  David Jarl, CEO at Lotus Furniture, believes in effective supply chains where unnecessary steps are eliminated. When the company decided to look over their transport solutions to increase the efficiency and regain control it was an easy choice to book through Adnavems marketplace.

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