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February 16, 2021

An organisation focusing on customers success

Adnavem is a product company, built with the latest technology, revolutionizing a whole industry. With that in mind, a tech product is nothing without happy users. We are proud to welcome two new colleagues focusing purely on customers success.

To support importers, exporters and logistics providers looking to transform into a modern way of encountering supply-chain activities and business goals, Johannes Alvling, Implementation Specialist and Peter Åsén, Supplier Acquisition Specialist is joining the Adnavem team. 

Johannes Alvling Peter Åsen 2021Johannes Alvling, Implementation Specialist and Peter Åsén Supplier Acquisition Specialist are happy to help. 


Johannes Alvling

"I am motivated by guiding customers through the first steps in the process and then seeing them develop on their own.

I am convinced that with an excellent introduction to the marketplace, customers will quickly realize how much value there
is to pick up!"

Johannes Alvling, Implementation Specialist Adnavem


Peter Åsén

"In previous roles, I have worked with a multitude of Swedish importers, and I know that there is a desire for change and I have met a strong aspiration to automate and digitize the way we can plan, book and handle transports.

It is exciting to join a company where it is apparent that there is a complete conviction that we can lead the change towards digitization and automation in everything we do. 

In my role as Supplier Acquisition specialist, I will be working in close collaboration with all our existing suppliers showing them the full benefits of Adnavem marketplace, as well as working on inviting more suppliers to join".

Peter Åsén, Supplier Acquisition Specialist Adnavem


Adnavems customers all agree that today's logistics is all about:

  • Real-time supply chain visibility for superior planning, communication and control

  • Letting algorithms and data support and be an integrated part of the operational sales, purchasing and logistics departments.

  • Use one process, but easily exchange logistics providers based on delivery performance and cost. There are many great logistics providers around the world, but no one is best everywhere.

  • Marketplaces will increase in use as demand/supply pricing will continue to change behavior from RFQ - Short Contracts vs Spot Prices.

  • Collaboration between buyer, sender, sellers and receiver across multiple sites and countries.

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Linda Gårdlöv
Linda Gårdlöv
Co-founder and CCO at Adnavem

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