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Adnavem shortlisted in "Fossil Free Freight Challenge"

The “Fossil Free Freight Challenge 2020” is a competition aiming to drive innovation and rethink the existing practices and reduce the environmental impact that e-commerce has on our planet. Adnavem is selected as one of five teams to pitch in the finale.

The initiative is a response to the increasing freight demands caused by e-commerce and the negative impact this has on the environment. Five entries have been shortlisted and are now set to pitch their innovative solutions in the finale, that will be held on May 4 in Sweden. 

The project is headed by RISE and the consortium of partners consists of Postnord AB, DHL Freight Sweden AB (DHL), City of Gothenburg, H&M Hennes & Mauritz Sweden A, Houdini Sportsware AB Region Jönköping, Stockholm City, and CLOSER at Lindholmen Science Park. 

Adnavem will pitch a solution that helps companies choose the greenest transport options for their intermodal freight needs, making the process of comparison easier and more transparent. 

"Environmental sustainability is of great importance to us & to be able to contribute with a solution that supports e-retailers to choose greener transportation options is very exciting." 

Andreas Gustavsson, Operations Manager Adnavem

Adnavem tävlar Fossil Free Freight Challenge

Innovation drives sustainable development 

Last year online shopping in Sweden increased by 13 per cent, with a total turnover of 87 billion SEK. With more businesses entering the e-commerce sector every year, competition is tough. The increasing industry demands for fast, low-cost deliveries means an increased burden on the freight and transport industry which unfortunately also results in increased carbon dioxide emissions. 

Adnavem is a digital marketplace where transport buyers can compare suppliers and find the best alternative for their needs. The Greenest Choice is based on real-time data and environmental facts, allowing transport buyers to make an informed choice regarding environmental impact and therefore make a greener choice. 

"Innovation, pro-activity and listening to customers demand has shaped Adnavem's contribution to the competition. To have the opportunity to meet and collaborating with the other participants as well as companies facing the real challenges is very motivating and a fantastic opportunity", says Andreas Gustavsson. 

The finale is scheduled for May 4. The winning team gets funding (300 000 SEK) and support to develop their idea and vision further. 


Wish us luck!

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