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Press Release: Adnavem opens new office in Singapore

The vision is to become the most sought after, transparent and effective logistics marketplace in the world. To strengthen the Asian side of the business Adnavem now establish a presence in Singapore.

“Container freight is a global business and to give our transport buyers and logistics suppliers the best possible support we have identified Singapore as the tech-hub of Asia and a heavy-weight in the region in logistics offering a skilled workforce. Already present in China we will continue to scale up business on our mission to become truly global”, says Mattias Sundström, co-founder and CTO at Adnavem.

Changed buying patterns transform an industry

Mattias Sundström is the Director of Adnavem Asia Pte. Ltd, he has recently relocated from Sweden and will during the coming year establish a Technology Centre in Singapore.

“The industry is lagging behind other industries when it comes to digitalization and despite a growing consensus in the industry, we see no initiatives to truly disrupt the prevailing business model of freight forwarding. We aim to provide both transport buyers and logistics suppliers with that and give them what they are lacking in terms of service, cost and visibility” says Mattias Sundström.

“We are convinced that new technology along with new buying patterns will drive the transformation of the logistics industry. We will continue to develop our marketplace and offering to meet new modern requirements from transport buyers”.

Launching the greenest option supporting sustainability

During 2019 Adnavem has shown steady growth in the Nordics and Asia. With unique algorithms, the tech company offers a fully automated system that steers the buying process, from freight bookings made by transport buyers, to the fulfilment of shipments by the suppliers. With no marginal costs for adding shipments and transactions, Adnavem can scale up the business and effectively help transport buyers worldwide to become more digital.

"By launching the greenest option along with disintermediation* and unbundling** we disrupt the logistics industry in favor of the transport buyer. Many companies want more than a report when it comes to sustainability. They want to affect from start and ensure greener transport modes and suppliers”, says Andreas Wramsmyr, Founder and CEO of Adnavem.


*reduction in the use of intermediaries between producers and consumers, for example, buying directly from the service providers rather than through an agent or freight forwarders.

**market or charge for (items or services) separately rather than as part of a package.

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Linda Gårdlöv
Co-Founder/CCO/Media Relations
+ 46 709 37 35 99
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Andreas Wramsmyr
Founder & CEO
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