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Adnavem reaches Cambodia

Since the start in 2017 Adnavem has added logistics services between the Nordics and China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangladesh and now Cambodia.  

 "Due to the marketplace´s scalability we have managed to enter yet another market, " says Andreas Wramsmyr, founder & CEO of Adnavem.  

With the increased demand for transparency, control and direct access to logistics providers, the marketplace fills a gap in the market.   


The modern transport buyer 

 “We have an increasing number of customers that regularly uses Adnavem for all their transportation needs between the continents. To be able to choose between sailing schedules, suppliers and to get spot prices as well as real-time updates on each shipment, all to a lower cost is very appealing to the modern transport buyer”, says Andreas Wramsmyr.     glasses on a closed laptopThe vision is to be able to offer a simple digital solution for handling standard freight without intermediaries between all continents.   

Read the article on how importers save time and money by using Adnavem.


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Adnavem celebrates two years and continues to grow

Many companies are looking to find a more efficient and sustainable way of handling transports. Many of them are ready to change their way of working, structural and organizational, to create a modern, effective and more reliable supply chain.