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Adnavem closes 10 MSEK in second investment round

Adnavem, the new digital marketplace for sea freight closes 10 MSEK in the second investment round

Over the past six months, Adnavem has continued to gain market shares within the new landscape of tech innovations for the transport and logistics industry. The company has expanded its business further with additional importers, exporters and suppliers now using the marketplace.

In December 2018, the company successfully closed 10 MSEK in the second investment round. The financing will be used to further expand sales in the Nordic region and to prepare further expansion in Europe and Asia.Andreas Wramsmyr CEO Adnavem 2019

“Our development and achievements together with customers and suppliers over the past year shows that Adnavem´s business idea is spot on what the modern transport buyer and seller is looking for. It´s clear that when buying standard logistics services, there is a huge demand for new digital and modern ways of doing so,” says Andreas Wramsmyr CEO at Adnavem.

 Rolf Kjällgren Chairman Adnavem 2019“The round includes commitment from current investors and we have also new investors onboard. This will support our journey forward with additional competence and network regarding financing, digital business and global trading experience” says Rolf Kjällgren, Chairman of Adnavem.



"At Adnavem we are true to our believes, always striving to be truly digital, truly disruptive and truly global. We are connecting the world’s best suppliers in a new logistics ecosystem giving the transport buyer the benefits of direct access to top-quality service”, says Andreas Wramsmyr CEO at Adnavem.

“I clearly see a trend within the industry where transport buyers and service providers are looking for a more digitised and effective way to conduct business. Adnavem has the solution and our mission is to influence and change how companies buy and sell transport now and, in the future”.


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