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Thank you 2019!

A new century and many new opportunities

During the past year we have seen that the transport and logistics industry is shifting. Transport buyers demand transparency, better efficiency and price control through the entire transport chain.

A lot happened in 2019, we have strengthened our presence in Asia by opening an office in Singapore. This to keep giving transport buyers and suppliers best service possible as we grow.

Introducing the Greenest choice 

We know that you require access more sustainable transport solutions and that is why we will soon launch our initiative called the Greenest Choice! With the Greenest Choice you can choose to book transportation with the lowest environmental impact. Instead of getting a report on the consequences afterwards, you can now take responsibility from start. We will of course help you get started.

Our customer base is constantly growing

It's been fantastic to see that with each quarter of this year we have increased our customer base! Our ambition to create the most sought after, transparent and efficient marketplace for global transport is our continued focus going forward. Check it out here!

Changes in the transport industry in 2019 

In addition to our work at Adnavem, 2019 has been an exciting year for other reasons as well of course. Incoterms 2020 has been launched and our operations team have passed an updated course and are ready for your questions! 

The new IMO regulation will apply from January 2020. We can already see that several ship owners have reduced their sulfur emissions. However, it is still unclear how the new requirement will affect freight rates. We will of course keep you updated on this!

We hope you had an amazing 2019. Let´s plan for an equally great 2020!

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Digital transformation slow in logistics compared to other industries

The transport & logistics industry is behind other industries regarding digitalisation and platform thinking. This signals KPMG’s report from last year.  

Adnavem establishes sales office in Stockholm & southern Sweden

The Swedish based tech-company Adnavem is expanding its operations in Sweden and establishes offices in Stockholm & Malmö. Philip Anderberg is the new sales executive in Stockholm and Nina Karlsson will cover the southern parts of Sweden in a similar role.