• Founded 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Currently present in Sweden, Singapore, China and Germany

  • Backed by leading venture capital firms to enable market growth and scale up – including Volvo Group Venture Capital since October 2020 


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The Adnavem story

After many years’ experience in global supply chain and logistics, both from a buyer and seller perspective, it was apparent there are more effective ways of creating value for key stakeholders across the value chain.

In 2017, Adnavem was created with the mission to create a more flexible, secure and sustainable supply chain. Together with a team of seasoned industry specialists, the business rapidly developed into a highly specialised offering, providing SaaS- enabled business capabilities based on automated processes and transparency.

Today Adnavem is a global reaching platform connecting supply chains across the globe. This capability provides a “control tower” for multimodal transport solutions. Both transport buyers and providers benefit through seamless digitisation and unbundling of services. The enhanced efficiency, transparency and elimination of intermediaries provides a unique value proposition. Adnavem is backed by a number of prominent venture capital firms, and is scaling its growth in key markets across Asia and Europe.

Andreas Wramsmyr

Founder & CEO


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Connecting two worlds 

In an ideal world, transport buyers should be in direct contact with logistics providers across the supply chain. With Adnavem’s advanced and integrated logistics platform, this connection becomes a reality. The platform is designed to support transparency and efficiency for both the end customer and the supplier, and is constantly evolving to meet the current and future needs. 


Our vision

With superior knowledge of customer needs, we have the most intuitive logistics platform with data driven decisions, automated processes and proactivity. Adnavem is the new standard to create a more secure and sustainable supply chain, all at a lower cost. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the supply chain through unbundling and digitising logistics for those who are innovative and want to make a difference – for their customers, suppliers and the environment. 

The Adnavem team

The Adnavem Team (A Team) comprises of a range of supply chain specialists and technical experts who are committed to developing the Adnavem Platform. Our global-reach and passion to provide a seamless digital solution to transport buyers and logistics suppliers is at the heart of what we do. 

Our competences

We have deep knowledge and experience in logistics, technology and international supply chain operations. We are convinced that Adnavem will be a force in disrupting the transport and logistics industry. 


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We are keen to demonstrate the capabilities of the Adnavem platform. Our key focus is supporting tradelanes between Europe and Asia, and we welcome other shipment locations. We are constantly opening new markets and evolving our service offerings.