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We are not  a digital freight forwarder. We offer an objective marketplace for door-to-door logistics solutions. With no middleman, we eliminate extra costs and maximize transparency. 


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At Adnavem the vision is to enable transparent logistics solutions, putting transport buyers and suppliers in direct contact via an online objective marketplace. Transport buyers get the best options based on needs and suppliers are rated for qualitative matchmaking.


Prices without surprises

Instantly get an accurate price based on your choices and needs. Browse, view and add different options such as services, transit-times and additional alternatives.

Your transport solution – your choice

With Adnavem, you find the schedules, prices and services best suited to your current needs.

Connect your freight directly with the carriers

Get instant price, schedules and confirmation from carriers. See tracking information on every shipment directly. 

Real-time data and notifications

Get real-time updates on your current shipments, visualize the inefficiencies with past shipments, and stay proactive through automatic notifications.

One common workplace

Access all your freight in one place, work as an individual or a team to manage all of your freight in Adnavem Marketplace - across modes, carriers, documents, analytics and more. 

Our mission is to transform the
transport and logistics industry.


First shipment booked on a disruptive digital marketplace

May 9, 2018 we went to Gothenburg harbour to watch our first containers arrive from Asia. This is the first shipment booked on a disruptive digital marketplace without middle hands. We are proud to help our customers to gain control, transparency and at the same time cut cost!

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Meet our CEO

Andreas Wramsmyr discusses the idea behind Adnavem and how we create value for end-customers, carriers and suppliers alike. 

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