Adnavem is a unique tech platform that offers unbundling without middlemen.

And maximum transparency, flexibility and real-time visibility, all at a lower cost.

That’s smarter logistics


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/  Strengthen customer satisfaction and build trust by real time visibility

/  Improve profitability through a more effective, automated supply chain

/  Collaborate with suppliers and keep track of all items in transit

/  Evolve inbound and outbound logistics with data and intelligence

/  Evaluate supplier delivery performance to enhance the procurement process

/  Bring awareness to reducing your supply chain carbon footprint

The Adnavem Platform

The Adnavem Platform is a powerful, fully-automated ecosystem that promotes unbundling of the entire inbound and outbound supply chain, across a range of international trade lanes. With data driven decisions, automated processes and enhanced proactivity, customers can create secure, transparent and sustainable supply chains, all at a lower cost than using traditional freight modes.

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Key features include

/  Advanced data management, with algorithms designed proactively to support automated processes across business functions.

/  All parties are instantly connected to enable real time planning, booking and tracking of shipments.

/   Efficiency of effort – processes are designed to ensure each party does their job once, eliminating cost and time through automation.

Drive digital transformation in the supply chain


Control tower 

  • Gain a meta view and full control of logistics flows and trade lanes across the world.   

  • Promote visibility of supplier performance, spend, carbon footprint and invoice accuracy.

  • Manage carrier allocations effectively and use data to plan and continuously improve supply chain performance.


Real time visibility  

  • Gain real-time updates on shipments, and see real time efficiencies. 

  • Enhance pro-activity through automatic notifications. 

  • Reduce costs associated with demurrage/detention and lessen waiting times. 


Order management 

  • Real time understanding of inventory in transit promotes a lean supply chain. 

  • Online collaboration with partners will optimize door-door delivery.   

  • Increase flexibility on purchasing terms through more favourable incoterms. 

  • Each party does their job once - when it should be done.


Multimodal Transport management system (TMS) 

  • Book all modes of shipment across the logistics network. 

  • Integrate data transfers about shipping to enhance enterprise resource planning. 

  • Exception reporting is automatically notified to the next party.


Pick up and delivery planning 

  • Proactively manage incoming and outgoing shipments.   

  • Algorithms support best delivery options based on opening times and route dynamics. 

  • Promote efficiency in site operations through real-time visibility. 

Creating an ecosystem of supply chain partners 

Adnavem connects carriers and logistics providers directly with importers and exporters around the world. It allows business to be done seamlessly - without the need for traditional middle-men. As a trade-enabling ecosystem - the two-sided platform creates value for all parties involved. 

With constant growth, logistics partners benefit from a constant increase of potential new customers and partners across the network. 





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Be the Change you want to see

Adnavem is committed to sustainable supply chain options, and brings visibility to the most environmentally friendly transportation options. 

This initiative promotes awareness across the Adnavem ecosystem, and encourages all stakeholders to actively look at opportunities for reduce their carbon footprint. 

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Through continuous innovation and collaboration,

Adnavem transforms the global logistics ecosystem, to the benefit of all.