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We offer an online marketplace with unique algorithms to streamline the way companies buy transportation - at a better price. We believe in transparency throughout the entire transportation chain.  Contact us today if you want to pay less and get more control over your shippings. 

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Be a part of the change

We believe it has already happened. Adnavem´s vision is to enable transparent logistics solutions, putting transport buyers and suppliers in direct contact via our online marketplace. You get the best options based on your needs and all suppliers are rated for your peace of mind.


By standardizing and vastly increasing the visibility of sailing schedules and global prices, we provide cargo owners with a range of choices to suit their needs.


The carriers, freight forwarders and service providers are rated by both customers and artificial intelligence, providing the most reliable performance measurements for punctual pick-up, on-time delivery and damages. 

Cost & Utilisation

The fully flexible price engine enables complete supply-and-demand driven pricing by all parties, just like in the travel industry. 

First shipment booked through our disruptive digital marketplace

On May the 9th 2018 we went to Gothenburg harbour to see our first containers arrive from Asia. This is the first shipment booked through our disruptive digital marketplace, without the use of a middleman. We are proud to increase transparency, help our customers gain control and at the same time lower costs.

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This is where we share updates about what’s happening in the world of transport & logistics, how our journey is progressing and how we plan to support you and your business going forward.  


Take control over your shippings

Do you book your transportation by e-mail or phone and have no access to your track records or history? The Adnavem Marketplace provides you with an easily accessible overview of your shipments in an instant.

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Plan and explore options in your own time

Browse through the platform to find the schedules, prices and services best suited to your current needs. 

Get a fair price with no extra add-ons

On our platform, you instantly get an accurate price based on your choices and needs. You can browse, view and add different options such as services, transit-times and additional alternatives. 

Instant overview of your shipments

While logged on to the platform, you have an instant overview of your shipments. If you have cargo with a specific carrier you can see its exact position directly in the system.

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Your transport solution. Your choice. 

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Meet our CEO

Andreas Wramsmyr discusses the idea behind Adnavem and how we create value for end-customers, carriers and suppliers alike. 

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Let us show you the magic of Adnavem. A place where you can browse for the best transport solutions, routes and prices - in your own time and based on your needs. Feel what it is like to have full control of your shipping.

Currently, we only support Sweden and China, but please contact us if you are interested in other shipment locations.


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