We share updates about the transport & logistics industry, how the digitisation affects our way of working and what we can expect from the future. 

Make your container freight more sustainable

Book routes & services with the least environmental impact Transport buyers have asked for it and we have listened! With our new service we allow companies to easily identify the greenest route and consciously choose transport modes with the least impact on the environment. 

Golden week in China puts pressure on transport schedules

Chinese National Day is celebrated on October 1, to commemorate the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It´s a seven day holiday from October 1 to 7, and it´s called "Golden Week”.  Factories will close for the extended holiday week, with operations resuming on Monday, October 9.

Fast-growing start-up Adnavem hires operations specialist Andreas Gustavsson

NEWS FLASH  In June 2018 the Adnavem team was further strengthened with the Operations Specialist Andreas Gustavsson who most recently comes from TTS Marine AB where he was responsible for all logistics. “We are proud and happy that Andreas Gustavsson decided to join Adnavem and I am confident that his competence will add value to our offering and customers. Andreas has extensive experience from a buyer perspective which will add to the transport buyer experience on our marketplace”, says Andreas Wramsmyr CEO Adnavem.

I welcome competition in the digitalisation race

There are a lot of initiatives out there with the objective to bring freight forwarding online. Freight forwarders need clean up their data to become a more data-driven value chain provider. Will they succeed and what will this mean to carriers? Leading carriers are already taking actions on digitisation by enhancing commercial and operational activities. Box tracking, empty-container re-positioning, document management, network design, and pricing are among the activities that these carriers have started to digitalis. The fact that there are a lot of digital initiatives out there means that things are moving. Change is here and no one in this industry can avoid it any longer. Data obviously need to be in focus and handled with care. Early stages of digitisation The problem with the large freight forwarders is that they are subjective. Their objective is to earn money not always putting the customers interest first. On the other hand, we might get islands where the leading carriers have their own data hubs and with its own agenda. Will revenue be put before customer need and satisfaction? Digitisation will support effectiveness and open for new business models but what about neutrality? Can it be a problem that data is put in silos to support individual corporations?  Another issue can be the road to get there. To succeed, carriers must adopt a structured approach to defining a digital vision and integrating new technologies and capabilities. Is the mindset there yet? The transport and logistics industry is still in the early stages of digitisation which means that we live in a very exciting space of time meaning that change will never be this slow again.

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