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Fast growing tech start-up in a traditional industry

A year ago, the very first shipment was booked through Adnavem – a ground breaking digital marketplace for global container freight. The cargo safely arrived at Gothenburg Port at the beginning of May, and a new business model was technically validated. 

So why is this so ground breaking?  Can a tech company really succeed in the traditional transport and logistics industry?

A global business

Since trade stretches across continents with many parties involved, we have all relied on human contact, fax and telephone to organize what seemed to be complicated international transport chains. This is still the way freight forwarders handles global transportation, with the slight change that technology may have upgraded their individual systems. However, in recent years, we have seen major changes in many different sectors that go beyond individual systems, where consumer and user needs have been prioritized over traditional business models. Just look at the hotel, taxi and music industries.

A digital chain that gives control

With a marketplace both the transport buyer and the supplier benefits from being digital. Transport buyers not only get access to net prices, but they can also choose the best option suited for their transport chain based on sailing schedules and trade lanes. Suppliers are displayed in a sales channel directed to the transport buyers which both enables a great relationship but also allows the supplier to charge for their actual services. Adnavem marketplace simply eliminates any unnecessary middle hands and extra costs that come with it. 

What happened during the year? 

The marketplace has grown with suppliers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, China, Vietnam, Taiwan and most recently Cambodia. Examples of customers are Icebug and Lotus Furniture. The company has ten employees in Gothenburg and presence in Shanghai, China. The marketplace is still under development and after the next share issue, the focus will be on further development within technology and activities around sales and marketing.


andreas wramsmyr

“It takes time to change a whole industry. However, it is a fact that the younger generations will not use fax or even a telephone. There is an expectation that information and data will be available online. Transparency is something you take for granted. At Adnavem, we clearly see how the transport and logistics industry will be transferred into the digital era and we are  happy to sit in the driver's seat”, says Andreas Wramsmyr, CEO at Adnavem.



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