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Expect blank sailings after the Chinese New Year

 Let's be prepared for blank sailings

The Chinese New Year has come to an end but that doesn’t mean the transport in and out of China is back to its full capacity. In fact, you should expect it to be a bit rocky for the next few weeks.

Now, when the New Year celebrations are over, people are slowly getting back to work, but the production is nowhere near its full capacity just yet.

How does this affect the transport buyer?

When production slows down it does not only affect the buyer but also the shipping lines since they risk having empty space on their vessels, something that might be their worst scenario. In order to avoid just that and rather make sure their vessels are fully loaded they simply cancel a route or skip a port. As you may know, this is called blank sailings.

How to plan for blank sailings

Usually the shipping lines are rather good at informing anyone that might be affected by blank sailings before, during and after bigger holidays, which allows you to plan your deliveries a bit better.

However, it is not unusual that a blank sailing comes as an unpleasant surprise and to avoid it as much as possible we recommend that you try to plan your deliveries around any bigger holidays.

Luckily holidays are celebrated around the same time every year, so let’s plan your supply chain when everything else is out of your hands.


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