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Adnavem part of the 1st International Shipping Technology and Internet conference in China

Adnavem visits innovative conference in Shenzhen 

Last week the very first International Shipping Technology Conference took place in beautiful Shenzhen, China. Keywords for the conference were Technology, Innovation and Transform. Andreas Wramsmyr CEO of Adnavem was present in China to discuss the future of transportation together with other innovative tech companies. 

“It´s important for Adnavem and I to be part of the change this industry is going through. It´s obvious that we need to bring the industry forward utilizing new technologies and ideas as a team. Old and new players need to sit around the same table to discuss how we can support businesses around the globe in the best possible way”, says Andreas Wramsmyr.

Andreas panel discussion china

Andreas Wramsmyr CEO Adnavem, joins a panel discussion on stage together with representatives from Freightos, Youtrans, Buyco among others.

Aggressiv growth

Adnavem is one of the newest players in the field of transforming the shipping industry. The company was founded in Sweden, September 2017.

“Our business idea differs a little bit. Adnavem is not an e-freight forwarder, our mission is to, in favour of the transport buyer, unwrap a package deal and give access to the best logistics suppliers from the industry through an objective marketplace.  The choice is always the buyers and logistics suppliers have the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships and find new clients through the marketplace”, says Andreas Wramsmyr.

Transparency, control and a reduction of cost for the transport buyers are key drivers for Adnavem. The Nordics and Asia are the initial focus and a lot of customers and suppliers have already joined the marketplace.

 Andreas Wramsmyr networking International Shipping Conference 2019.jpegOther comments made at the conference;

“Digitalization has disrupted industries like never before - is ours next?”

James Savagar, Maersk Line.

“Dynamic pricing based on real-time market demand committed space from carriers and instant booking confirmation will be the future in the shipping industry”.

Don Z. Chen, NYSHEX


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